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Codevember 2017

This are the projects created for Codevember 2017 -a challenge for developers creating a creative sketch by day during the whole month of November, continuing the tradition started with Codevember 2016.

This year I didn't follow the prompts, and I just followed my inspiration. That meant that some days I'd struggle to get something to iterate, or days that I'd try and try and throw several ideas away and start from scratch again. In the end, I only made it to day 15 -- so, half Codevember!

Source code for all experiments -and discarded ones- is here:

I didn't learn from the previous year, and I thought I would "live-tweet" as went. The result is one long, unwieldy thread that is difficult to read and to link to. It contains the steps from beginning to end, some failures, high quality snapshots and oddities. It's worth checking along:

Day 1 - Curl scribbles

Scribble made with lines, curl noise and some post-processing (different blend modes, chromatic aberration, FXAA, levels and gamma correction and vignette).

Day 2 - Alien strands

Another experiment with curl noise, this time using it to distort the points in a circle then used to create a tube geometry. Repeat for a few circles, render in several layers and add some post-processing.

Day 3 - Rainbow spikeball

Generating spikes from a icosahedron geometry, and playing with smoothing functions to generate the spikes.

Day 4 - Sound waves

Frequencies from sound input displayed along a sphere using particles, and some bloom to add glow.

Day 5 - Sphere carving

Sliced arcs of a spherical shell, jumbled around, and ambient occlusion from accumulating shadows from a randomly placed light spherically around the object.

Day 6 - Plasma waves

Experiment with sorting particles, set up with curl noise, and disturbed with another curl noise.

Day 7 - Chromeography

Fading one image into another and making those colors dance!

Day 8 - Whirly bonfire

A digital whirlwind of sparky particles.

Day 9 - Holomap

A holographic display of the future, where we can project pixels on thin air, but they're still low res.

Day 10 - Glow worms

Tube geometry generated along a parametric path, with striped texture and super glowing postprocessing.

Day 11 - Supershape

A GPU supershape experiment. This one is very heavy, your GPU will suffer! there´s lots of room for performance improvement :|

Day 12 - Shredder redux

A reimplementation of the Polygon Shredder using instancing, adding some of the features I was missing from the first version: different geometries to move around and a bit of postprocessing.

Day 13 - Bonkey balls

Some balls bonking each other. Yes. A practice on nice-looking shading.

Day 14 - Digital analog color display

A display that renders colors by orienting Red, Green and Blue blocks towards a light source.

Day 15 - The wrung music

A display that renders colors by orienting Red, Green and Blue blocks towards a light source.

Day 16 - SDF meshes, particles and collisions

I didn't finish Codevember, but the code for this day eventually became SDF Physics.

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