Work | Posted on March 2021

Generative art: Lines on flow fields

Here you can find some images from an experiment on generative art. It's based on the classic idea of creating lines by tracing particles through a vector field: for each position, the field is evaluated to retrieve the direction on that point, the direction is normalised, and the particle is moved in that direction. If the field has interesting enough flow and divergence, interesting trajectories appear.

In this case i've used a set of electric charges distributed on a plane. The particles are moved in (x, y) using the field direction, and in z using the field value, creating peaks and valleys. The lines are draw in WebGL using three.js and MeshLine to give them a more painted look.

This is an ongoing exploration, I'll try to save the highlights on this page, but most of the action is happening on twitter.


This version uses a set of textures of brush strokes. The color is chosen from a palette of 4 colors used as stops in a linear gradient, and the color is the value [0-1] from a fractal brown movement noise evaluated at the initial position of the particle -streaking the color across the canvas.


This version uses solid lines without textures, with some alpha and additive blending.